Renju World Championship 2020 cancelled due to Corona virus

No one can have missed the current outbreak of the Coronavirus. When writing this there is still a tipping point on whether or not there will be a pandemic spread of the virus or if the world succeeds in containing it. Mainly it is mainland China who needs to work hard in limiting additional spread.

The Corona outbreak also affects the Renju community. We have now received news of that the Renju World Championship 2020 has been cancelled due to the risk of further transmission of the Corona-virus.

The Renju World Championship 2020 was planned to be held in May 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. Many of the top Renju players in the world come from the very same countries which have been very affected by the virus. That, and of course the risk for further transmission, led to the decision of cancelling the Renju World Championship.

renju blue board

Replacement tournament

There will be a replacement tournament held in Stockholm for the players that actually can make it to the land in northern Europe and there will be other tournaments held throughout the year in almost every part of the world.

There will be tournaments in Estonia, Turkey and Russia and lets put out hope to scientists and researchers that they will find a quick cure and vaccine to the Coronavirus. Hopefully, we will see no more cancellations of Renju tournaments this year.

We will also see some other tournaments as well and some of the top Renju players are also doing some poker tournaments between Renju events. The strategic skill held by Renju players easily transition into poker strategies where logic, as well as maths, come into play.

How will this affect Renju

There is no doubt that Renju has its fair share of supporters and players. But still, we are engaged in a very slim strategy game, where the number of players is still quite low compared to other strategy games. Therefore, one must ask, is the future bright for Renju and us who plays it?

First of all, it must be stated that Renju is a very good strategy game. Of course, we are a bit biased, but no one can deny the sheer power of the game itself – where strategy and deep thinking clearly outclasses a weaker mind.

Secondly, it is a very nice and friendly community in the world of Renju.

However, it is always hard for a niche game having to face difficulties like external factors, such as the Coronavirus. We are to some extent dependent on being able to evolve the sport and promote it by tournaments and media coverage. Therefore, it can be a bit of a blow to the Renju community when things like this happen.

Renju has for sure a place in the future of strategy games. It is still one of the best games according to its very dedicated community. Now it is up to us who still play and enjoy the game to really make an effort of pushing this game out there. Especially important when the Renju Team World Championship was cancelled.

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