Scratch card online games – playing and winning

Online scratch card games aren’t the most popular of gambling games, to be fair. They are typically to be found in the last section of games in most online casinos. And many online casinos don’t even feature these games at all why sites listing online casinos with scratch cards is a good way to find it. But still, this is not to say that these games aren’t popular. On the contrary. Many people play them and enjoy doing so. But how does one play a scratch card game online? What do you need to do in order to win? Read more below and find out.

Playing scratch card games

And you’ve thought that the slot games are as simple as it gets. How much simpler could it get than spinning the reels and making winning combinations? Well, as it turns out, it can get simpler. It’s even easier to learn how to play the scratch card games. And the reason is simple. All you need to do to play an online scratch card game is… well, scratch. If you can hit a certain number of symbols in the particular game you play, then you will win. If you don’t – then you will lose. It’s as simple as that.

Now, there are differences between different scratch card games, this much is clear. And this is very much alike the case of the slots games. The core principle and mechanics are the same in all the scratch card games. But there will be differences in how the games play out. It’s up to you to determine which particular scratch card game is the most fun for you to play.

scratch card online games

Popular scratch card games

As we’ve mentioned before – there are many different individual scratch card games. They all differ in one way or another from one another. One popular game that people enjoy playing is Merlin’s Millions Scratch. This is a game based on the slot with the same theme. And the two of them are very similar in what they offer. You will see spell books, owls, and magicians. The biggest sum of money you can win here with a single scratch is £200,000. You will need to place a bigger bet in order to win this sum of money, though. But even for smaller bets – you can still win some nice prizes.

Then there’s the game called Deal or No Deal Scratch. This game is very much like the TV show. And it’s a specific scratch card game, at that. You will need to match symbols to the prize shown. And there will be multiple junctures where you will need to choose your path, so to speak. In this sense, the player has a bit more control over the end outcome. And the game does get that much more fun to play.

In conclusion

The final thing to note is that the scratch card games – much like the slots – have individual RTP rates. The industry standard is set at around 95%. The house always has an edge over the players. However, we hope that you personally will end up winning more money than you will lose playing. Welcome back to soon to get more game news and information!