The history of Renju and where it is today!

Renju is definitely one of the most simple but still complicated games there is out there today. The simplicity due to the very simple rules and playing field and the complicity due to the great chess-like mind games that is taking place between the two competitors during the exciting games of Renju.

The game got its name by a Japanese journalist in 1899 and has since conquered the world as one of the most popular simple games played among people all over the globe. You can either play it with white and black stoned on structured playing field or a simple paper and pen style of game that can be considered as the most common one.

Renju, has however been substituted by some game enthusiasts, for casino online, but is despite this very likely to survive for many years to come. The graphics and features offered at these games are much more developed than the simple Renju games, but the best combination must be considered a little but of both. This way, you can get the best of the old-fashioned games combined with the modern graphics from the online games such as slots and live casino.

The most eminent countries when it comes to competing in Renju internationally are Sweden, Russia and last but not least, the founding nation Japan that has got a proud history of playing the game across all generations. Old and young competed for fun and for glory in organized or not organized games that are being played regularly all across Japan, with Yokohama and Tokyo being the main cities when it comes to Renju games.

The 15th world cup will be held during 2017 in Taipei and it is the first time it is being held in this country. The reign champion Qi Guan from Chine, is supposed to be among the front-runners when it comes to being the tournament champion. He won the last championship that was being held in Suzdal, Russia in 2015. During the history of the championships there have been two different people who have one the championship not only once The Japanese Shigeru Nakamura, who won in 1989 and 1991 and the legend Ando Meritee from Estonia who has a hat trick of winnings.

It is hard to say what we can expect from this year’s championship hence it is hold in a new country and that the worldwide popularity across the globe has lead to more competition among the tournament participants. Since Meritee lives in Taiwan, he is likely to compete and challenge for a title once again. A title that would be his fourth world championship title if he manage to go home with the victory. Something that will make this living legend of Renju even more untouchable than he already is. In addition to his three world championships he also won “The Clash of the Titans” against Nakamura, when they played against each other back in 1999.

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